When women can’t go out because they’re asking for rape, and black men can’t go out because they’re asking to be shot, it’s time for a fuckin’ change.

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My first love
was some insignificant boy
when it should have been

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Please do not change pronouns for your comfort.

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  • Nonvegan: Why don't you eat meat?
  • Vegan: Health reasons
  • Vegan: Spiritual reasons
  • Vegan: The violence and cruelty experienced by innocent animals from birth on any farm that sells to mainstream grocers and restaurants
  • Vegan: I don't believe in animal cruelty
  • Vegan: To save the environment
  • Vegan: Personal reasons
  • Vegan: To end world hunger
  • Vegan: Exploitation of humans working on animal farms
  • Nonvegan: Wow that's dumb
  • Vegan: So why do you eat meat?
  • Nonvegan: It tastes good

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I’m having a conversation with one of my friends and I ask him, “What defines you?” and he responded with, “Nothing. A definition excludes the possibility for change.”

This is one of the best responses I’ve ever received to any of my questions.

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my little sisters first relationship

Guy de Cointet


If you’ve ever doubted yourself, walk deep into any forest. Notice how the trees still stand even though they are given no recognition. Walk along any stream. The water still flows, though no one stops to praise it. Watch the stars late at night; they shine without acknowledgment. Humans are just the same. We are made out of the same elements as these beautiful wonders. Always remember your beauty and self worth. 

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True Facts About Marsupials by zefrank1

Make hw covers cute to make up for poor content

6 Ingredient Vegan Chickpea Curry
Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Elie Wiesel (via arielrebekah)

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